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How to avoid being Scammed!

Can you be scammed by a Savannah Cat  "Breeder" ? 

Sadly, yes.  Except they ARE NOT an actual breeder. To  this day there are scams for EVERYTHING. Even 'Savannah Cat Scams'. 

In order to Avoid being scammed please read the following:

WHERE YOU WILL SEE THEM: Facebook, Instagram, Webpages, EVERYWHERE!

ARE THEY TICA REGISTERED?: Take the time to verify that your chosen breeder is approved by TICA.  A lot of scam sites are now adding a 'TICA logo' onto their site, but realize that it does NOT make them legitimate. you can go to and search up the breeder. (Note: some scam sites will even use a legitimate cattery or breeder name to confuse you.) 

PRICES: If the price on a Savannah kitten looks too good to be true, then it IS. you will NEVER find a F1 Savannah under $10,000. You will NEVER find a F2 Savannah under $6000. You didn't come across a PROMO or a DEAL on a Savannah kitten, what you found is a SCAM to take your money.  (You can easily find a later generation Savannah kitten for $1500 to $2500 from reputable breeders)

SENDING MONEY:  Please please DO NOT send your money to anyone Western Union or MoneyGram! Don't give anyone your credit card info without first talking to them and researching them first! 

PHOTOS: Scam sites are using photos from legitimate breeders on their pages.  You can easily do a google search on these images to see where they originate from.  Breeders are now using water marks on their photos to try to avoid their kittens being used in these scams.

WEBSITE: A lot of scam sites are using BRIGHT colors to catch your attention.  They often have words misspelled, or information that was copy and pasted from legitimate sites.

PHONE NUMBERS: Check emails and phone numbers! Some Scammers are using a website name similar to legitimate breeders. Check area codes.

CONTACT ME FOR QUESTIONS: If you do not want to buy a Savannah kitten from me, and you have found another breeder you want to go with, please do not shy from asking me for advice. I promise you that I will have no problem helping you find a legitimate breeder or helping you find the kitten of your dreams even if it isn't one of mine. I am happy to help, I just do not want you to be scammed out of your hard earned money!


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