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Reserving A Future Kitten

There are benefits to being on the "Wait List" for our future Kittens.

  • In order to reserve a future kitten we accept a Pre-Birth deposit to reserve a kitten of choice.

  • Pre-Birth deposits can be placed on kittens reserved up to 12 months in advance. 

  • Pre-Birth deposits are a $500 transferrable (non-refundable) fee that holds your spot on a kitten of choice.

  • We only accept a limited amount of Pre-Birth deposits per litter.

  •  If you are interested in a future kitten from Savannahs Of Coachella, please email us at with your gender of choice. We will reply with what kittens we have/will have available.

  • Benefits of being on our Wait List:

    • Your $500 deposit goes towards the total purchase price!

    • Personal emails/messages and photos of kittens as soon as they're born! 

    • Choice of kitten up to 2 weeks old!

  • The Pre-Birth Deposit is payable by Apple Pay, Venmo or Zelle which will reserve your kitten for you. 




                                Phone number



This information is used for your "Pre-Birth Deposit Agreement" Which includes choice of a (gender or non gender preferred) Savannah Kitten. The agreement  will also include a paid invoice of your Pre-Birth deposit that will be transferred to the total price of your kitten

  • When kittens are born, each potential owner will receive an email with photos to announce the birth.  owners will have up to 2 weeks to decide which kitten they want to reserve. 

  • After a kitten is chosen, the remaining deposit of 50% of the Kitten's price will be required to reserve that kitten. If a potential owner decides to transfer their deposit to another/different future kitten, they have up to the 2 weeks (14 days) period to decide and their Pre-Birth deposit will be transferred over for up to 12 months. 


  •  Starting prices quoted on kittens may change, even if a Pre-Birth deposit is made, as soon as kittens are born, reach a certain age, as they develop more and we can see their coat development.  If a 50% deposit is paid to reserve a kitten on the most recent quoted price, that price will be locked in and will not/cannot change

  • A quoted price on a kitten with a Pre-Birth deposit is not set unless the 50% deposit is paid. A kitten's price is subject to change at any time unless the 50% deposit is made to reserve the kitten of choice.  If the 50% deposit is made before a kitten is born, the quoted price is locked in and cannot change after birth.  

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