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Purchase Details

As soon as you find the kitten you are interested in a 50% deposit is required to reserve your kitten and is payable by Apple Pay which will reserve your kitten. (We use this methods because they protect both buyer and seller). We will accept Venmo, Zelle, and Credit Cards (but they have fees buyer is responsible for) if buyer prefers this method. Apple Pay is the easiest payment method with NO FEES up to $10,000.


***Deposit is 50% of purchase price

***Remainder will be due 14 days prior to kitten delivery.

The purpose of the Deposit is to ensure the Purchaser’s intent to purchase the Kitten so the Kitten can be held only for the Purchaser and shall not be sold to any other buyer.

After a deposit is sent and accepted you will receive a Deposit Agreement through email.

We require the following information to complete the agreement:

  1. Kitten of Choice

  2. Your Full Name 

  3. Address 

  4. Phone number 

  5. Email

You will just need to sign and email the Agreement back to our email. 

What is included with each Kitten

  • TICA Papers

  • FeIV / FIV Testing

  • Two Vaccinations Fvrcp

  • Two de-worming

  • Vet Check

  • Spay / Neuter (pet sale only)

  • Micro-chipped

  • 2 year health guarantee

  • Carrier airline approved

  • Blanket with moms scent, toys

  • Updates bi-weekly with photos and videos of your kittens progress and growth

  • Binder with information on raw diet, litter we use, pet insurance, printed contract

  • Ongoing communication and help as kitten grows and transitions ( Emily is a veterinary Technician of 16 years and can offer valuable advice)

What to do next

For Flights:


Once your kitten is fully weaned and ready to travel, a flight will be booked  Flights are booked in advance but we will communicate with you the dates and times the kitten will be arriving to you. The kitten will be scheduled to ship to you on a week day. Weekend only if breeder has the availability.


Shipping and handling of the kitten to your destination is (paid by customer):

  • $250-$700+ for flight (Depends on how far from CA)

  • $75-$175 onboard animal Fee

  • $300 Hotel Fee (only required if far distance from CA)

(may vary depending on state and current COVID-19 Restrictions).

*** Shipping, flights and fees are additional and not included in your pet price (paid by the buyer)


Flight details, and acclamation details, will be emailed to you in advance.  You will be asked to confirm the email sent to you with the flight date and time by replying.

For Hand Delivery:

Once your kitten is fully weaned and ready to travel, we can confirm with you whether or not you are coming to pick up your kitten, or a flight will be booked for your kitten to you. ( Hand deliver is only within 4hr radius with traveling fee depending on mileage)

All flight or meeting details, as well as food details, will be emailed to you in advance.  You will be asked to confirm the email by replying.

Hand Delivery of kittens to your destination varies per state. Hand delivery fee is determined after confirmation from the airline.



The final payment and shipping expenses are due no later than 14 days before your kitten leaves Savannahs of Coachella.


Please report back to us as soon as you get your kitten home to let us know how he or she is settling in and feel free to call with any questions or concerns you may have as your kitten gets acclimated to your home.

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